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reblog some of your selfiessssss and well seeee

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I don’t need you hating on meeeee lol

i've never see any posts of you actaully.. so i doubt you're all that.#deffthirstyyyyyyyy

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Never said I was all that #butyouranonymoustho

You have no tagged/me page,how do these guys know you're sexy or not O_o;;; #thirstyyyy

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Because they’ve seen me post all my pictures before #notthirstyyyy

nah its just i did a survey on guys about body opinions and the majority said "she has to be skinny, cant be normal sized etc, otherwise theyre ugly" i swear to buddha i wanted to flip the board in their face. its the society that i feel so disgusted about. the majority prefer skinnier. but im saying that it sucks when girls have to feel so put down by these awful remarks.

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Yeah that does sound pretty accurate for what guys say & think nowadays but they shouldn’t be like that , you always find some that are the good ones that don’t have that attitude towards women

u r lucky u r stunning. i feel more insecure sometimes because some people dont like people that are not insanely skinny. it frustrates me ugh.

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That’s a dumb reason to not like someone !